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27 August 2001

UNIC Library - New Additions (November & December 2010)



International Family Relationships in Ageing Societies

Geneva: UNECE, 2010, 19p

(Call No. 304.6 INT 2010, Acc: 16087)



Selected Indicators of Food and Agricultural Development in the Asia-Pacific Region 1999-2009

Rome: FAO, 2010, 232p

(Call No. 630 SEL 2010, Acc: 16062)


2000 World Census of Agriculture Main Results and Metadata by Country (1996-2005)

Rome: FAO, 2010, 238p

(Call No. 630 WOR 2010, Acc: 16073)



Agro-Industrial Supply Chain Management: Concepts and Applications

Rome: FAO, 2010, 56p

(Call No. 338.1 AGR 2010, Acc: 16065)



Aquaculture Development: Ecosystem Approach to Aquaculture

Rome: FAO, 2010, 53p

(Call No. 639.8 AQU 2010, Acc: 16067)


Fish as Feed inputs for Aquaculture - Practices, Sustainability and Implications

Rome: FAO, 2010, 407p

(Call No. 639.8 FIS 2010, Acc: 16085)


Report of the FAO Works shop on Child Labour in fisheries and Aquaculture in Cooperation with ILO, 14-16 April 2010

EOM: FAO, 2010, 24p

(Call No. 331.31 REP 2010, Acc: 16084)


Studies and Reviews: Present Market Situation and Prospects of Mearge as an Emerging Species in Mediterranean Aquaculture

Rome: FAO, 2010, 28p

(Call No. 639.8 STU 2010, Acc: 16071)



What Woodfuels can do to Mitigate Climate Change

Rome: FAO, 2010, 83p

(Call No. 551.6 WHA 2010, Acc: 16079)



Voluntary Peer Review of Competition Law and Policy: Armenia

Geneva: UNCTAD, 2010, 55p.

(Call No. 338.6048 0947 VOL 2010, Acc: 16099) 



Economic Development in Africa 2009: Strengthening Regional Economic Integration for Africa's Development

Geneva: UNCTAD, 2009, 115p

(Call No. 330.06068 ECO 2009, Acc: 3665)



Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2010: Year-end Update

New York: ESCAP, 2010, 35p

(Call No. 330.07230 954 ECO 2010, Acc: 16078)



The Least Developed Countries Report 2010: Towards a New International Development Architecture for LDCs

Geneva: UNCTAD, 2010, 258p

(Call No. 380.106 LEA 2010, Acc: 16053)



Environmental Monitoring and Reporting by Enterprises

Geneva: UNECE, 2010, 29p

(Call No. 333.7 ENV 2010, Acc: 16091)                           


Environmental Performance Review (2nd): Georgia

Geneva: United Nations, 2010, 221p

(Call No. 333.7 0947 ENV 2010, Acc: 16090)



Putting into Practice an Ecosystem Approach to managing Sea Cucumber Fisheries

Rome: FAO, 2010, 81p

(Call No. 338.3727 PUT 2010, Acc: 16068)


Recent Development in the Tuna Industry Stock, Fisheries, Management, Processing, Trade and Markets

Rome: FAO, 2010, 125p

(Call No. 338.3727 REC 2010, Acc: 16072)


Report of the Expert Consultation on International Guidelines for bycatch Management and Reduction of Discards, 30 November-3 December 2009

Rome: FAO, 2010, 28p

(Call No. 338.3727 REP 2010, Acc: 16080)


Review of Ecolabelling Schemes for Fish and Fishery products from Capture Fisheries

Rome: FAO, 2010, 93p

(Call No. 338.3727 REV 2010, Acc: 16082)


Studies and Reviews: Synthesis of Mediterranean Marine Finfish Aquaculture-A Marketing and Promotion Strategy

Rome: FAO, 2010, 197p

(Call No. 338.3727 STU 2010, Acc: 16083)


Western Central Atlantic Fishery Commission, Third Meeting of the WECAFC AD HOC Flying fish Working Group of the Eastern Caribbean

Rome: FAO, 2010, 88p

(Call No. 338.3727 WES 2010, Acc: 16070)



Compendium of Food Additive Specifications

Rome: FAO, 2010, 151p

(Call No. 641.3 COM 2010, Acc: 16081)


Implementing an Integrated Approach to Food Safety, Plant & Animal Health (Biosecurity)

Rome: FAO, 2010, 60p

(Call No. 641.3 IMP 2010, Acc: 16089)



FAO at Work: Growing Food for Nine Billion

Rome: FAO, 2010, 19p

(Call No. 338.191 GRO 2010, ACC: 16094)


The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2010: Addressing Food Insecurity in Protracted Crises

Rome: FAO, 2010, 56p

(Call No. 338.191 FOO 2010, ACC: 16093)



Developing Effective Forest Policy - A Guide

Rome: FAO, 2010, 69p

(Call No. 333.75 DEV 2010, Acc: 16076)


Wood-Energy Supply/Demand Scenarios in the Context of Poverty Mapping, A WISDOM Case Study in Southeast Asia for the years 2000 and 2015

Rome: FAO: 2010, 115p

(Call No. 362.5 WOO 2010, Acc: 16064)                            



Gender, Women and Primary Health Care Renewal - A Discussion Paper

Geneva: WHO, 2010, 76p

(Call No. 305.4 GEN 2010, Acc: 16097)



Recommended Principles and Guidelines on Human Rights and Human Trafficking

Geneva: UNHCHR, 2010, 255p

(Call No. 323 REC 2010, Acc: 16092)


Rule-of-Law Tools for Post-Conflict States, National Consultations on Transitional Justice

Geneva: UNHCHR, 2010, 34p

(Call No. 323 RUL 2010, Acc: 16086)



Global Programme for the Prevention and Control of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza

Rome: FAO, 2010, 56p

(Call No. 614.518 GLO 2010, Acc: 16066)



World Investment Prospects Survey 2010-2012

Geneva: UNCTAD, 2010, 26p

(Call No. 332.67306 WOR 2010, Acc: 16057)



Science, Technology & Innovation Policy Review: Lesotho

Geneva: UNCTAD, 2010, 96p

(Call No. 600.09 968 SCI 2010, Acc: 16054)


Science, Technology & Innovation Policy Review: Mauritania

Geneva: UNCTAD, 2010, 133p

(Call No. 600.09 966 SCI 2010, Acc: 16055)



Coping with Water Scarcity: What role for Biotechnologies?

Rome: FAO, 2010, 33p

(Call No. 333.91 COP 2010, Acc: 16088)


Guidelines on the Setting of Targets Evaluation of progress and Reporting: Protocol on Water and Health to the Convention on the protection and Use of Transboundary Water courses and International Lakes

Geneva: UNECE, 2010, 51p

(Call No. 333.91 GUI 2010, Acc: 16098)                        



Dimensions of Deprivation, Report on the Poverty Levels of Widows of Vrindavan

New Delhi: UNIFEM, 2010, 115p

(Call No. 305.489 654 DIM 2010, Acc: 16096)  




Disarmament Forum: Arms Control Verification

Issue No. 3, 2010 (UNIDIR)

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