MUN organizers and delegates require various resources as they prepare for a conference. UNIC strives to build on its MUN engagement by providing as many of these resources as possible in one place on this page. We have drafted a Guide for Organizers and a Guide for Attendees by distilling, organizing and adding to the Guidebook released by UN4MUN.

Rules of Procedure
This Rules of Procedure (RoP) document can be considered UNIC’s short version of the GMUN Rules Of Procedure. Organizers are encouraged to look up the methods of functioning of their chosen committees. In that endeavour, organizers are encouraged to be pioneers in adopting the new UN4MUN rules, and thus holding the most realistic simulations of the UN Committees. The UN4MUN Rules of Procedure can be accessed here.

UNIC’s Guide for Organizers

This guide aims to provide organizational support to the Model United Nations Conference. This includes the structure of the secretariat and organizational tools including a timeline.

1) Organizational Roles and Documents
2) Organizer’s Tools:
a) Timeline in weeks before the conference (Gantt Chart)
b)Sample Budget
c) Sample Sponsorship Letter
d) Sample Country Matrix
e) Sample Committee Delegate List
f) Sample Delegate Kit
g) Country flags

The Full Guide for Conference Organisers can be accessed here.

UNIC’s Guide for Conference Attendees

This guide contains information distilled from the Delegate Preparation and Skills sections of the UN4MUN Guide. We have also attached guidelines for Award Criteria and Sample Documents as references.

1. Skills for the conference

a) Research and Position Papers
b) Speaking at a Conference
c) Negotiating at a Conference
d)Drafting Resolutions
e) Chairing a Conference

2. Award Criteria

a) Sample position paper
b) Sample UN resolution
c)Sample MUN resolution

The Full Guide for Conference Attendees can be accessed here. Guide for Conference Attendees.


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