24 January 2004






Davos, 23 January 2004
SECRETARY-GENERAL:  As you know, I have had a very busy day and lots of
discussions with many leaders and I think you have seen quite a few of them.  But you seem to have a specific question.
QUESTION: Yes, the blueprint about Cyprus seems to be accepted by Turkey .
Is that good news, what is your comment?
SECRETARY-GENERAL: Well, I haven't heard that. I'll be seeing the Prime Minister of Turkey tomorrow. I am not aware of a breakthrough. There is a plan on the table and I have indicated that my good services are available once the parties show the will and the determination to want to settle. So, when you talk of a breakthrough, you are probably referring to the fact that talks may resume.  I am waiting to get confirmation.
QUESTION:  You have met President Musharraf just now, what Pakistan-India relations did you discuss, and America can help resolve our situation?
SECRETARY-GENERAL:  We did discuss the talks between India and Pakistan and I am extremely pleased with the developments and I am sure their efforts will be sustained. Because peace between India and Pakistan and improved relations between the two countries will be really, really important, not just for the two countries but for the region and the world.  And I am confident that the two leaders are going to do whatever they can to bring about peace. Of course, all countries should be able assist and support that sort of thing, support the discussions between the two countries, but I am really happy that the two leaders are engaged in such a determined manner.
QUESTION: Israel and Palestine , you met both of them, what will happen,
what will be the results of these talks?
SECRETARY-GENERAL:  Well, we discussed the impasse in the peace talks and
the need to find a way of rejuvenating and restarting the talks. And also we discussed the role of the Quartet and the role the international community can play.
Thank you.
Q:    Any latest developments on Iraq ?
SECRETARY-GENERAL:   No.  I have had good discussions with several of the leaders here on Iraq and developments in the region and we will make our decision fairly shortly, in the next few days or so.
Q:    Can you tell us about the talks you had today with the representatives from Israel and Palestine ?
SECRETARY-GENERAL:   Oh, there we talked about the situation in the Middle  East between the Israelis and the Palestinians and what one could do to move the peace process forward, because there is an impasse at the moment.  And of course everybody is searching for a way to move forward.  And the questions of the wall was very much part of the discussion that we had.
Q:    Are you going to meet the Turkish here in Davos?
SECRETARY-GENERAL:  ?..that is correct?.
Q:    ?.and when do you expect a breakthrough on Cyprus ?
SECRETARY-GENERAL:   I think "breakthrough" is a big word.  Basically I trust what you are asking is, "expect resumption of negotiations between the two parties?"  I think I am in their hands and we will wait to see how things develop.