United Nations Information Centres (UNIC) serve as a focal point for news and information about the United Nations (UN) for audiences worldwide. A global network of 63 Information Centres, under the direction of the Department of Public Information (DPI), is key to conveying the core message of the UN to people in their own language. Thus, bringing the UN closer to the people it serves.

The United Nations Information Center for India and Bhutan has been pivotal in maintaining and disseminating information about the UN in India and Bhutan. It reaches out to the media and educational institutions, engages in partnerships with governments, local civil society organizations and the private sector, and maintains the library and electronic information resources.

By translating information materials into local languages including Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, engaging opinion-makers and placing op-ed articles by senior UN officials in the national media, or organizing events to highlight issues or observances, UNIC acts as a vehicle through which the UN tells its story.

UNIC also participates in observances of international days, years and decades. Commemorations take many forms and may include presentations involving national or local dignitaries, workshops, seminars, educational programmes, sporting events, and musical performances.

Our Activities

• Providing information on the United Nations to media, governmental and non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, academic and other research centres and think-tanks, educators and students, among others.
•  Publicizing UN initiatives and programmes
•  Organizing briefings on the work of the United Nations
•  Assisting UN agencies in India with their communication strategies and information needs
• Partnering with national and state government ministries and departments in the observance of International Days.
• Partnering with civil society to organise seminars, colloquiums, conferences and dialogues on diverse UN themes and priorities.
•  Collaborating with youth-centred initiatives such as Model UN conferences.
• UNIC Library holds a collection of official UN documents, basic texts and reports produced by the UN for public reading and referencing.


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